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Club Z! offers highly qualified, experienced tutors in San Francisco, California to meet all of your tutoring and test preparation needs. Whether your child is struggling with math subjects such as algebra, geometry, and calculus or science subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics, our experienced tutoring staff will help your child achieve their academic goals. On average students that are enrolled in Club Z! tutoring increase their grades by two full letters in as little as 60 days! Students that receive test preparation for the SAT see their scores increase by over 160 points and students that receive test preparation for the ACT see their score increase by four cumulative points. Our San Francisco,California tutors work with students one-on-one in-home and online and can provide everything from homework help and test preparation, to building lifelong study skills or even learning a new language. Our online tutoring is offered on Club Z!’s proprietary platform. Our online platform is a two-way video chat where both student and tutor can interact in real time the same as they would with an in-home session. Your student and their tutor have access to our interactive whiteboard where they can work on problems together live.

Club Z! Tutoring has been an industry leading tutoring company for more than 20 years and provides your student in San Francisco, California with nothing but the most certified tutors and a personalized tutoring program tailored to your student’s specific academic needs. Our San Francisco, California tutors are experts in their subject area and are carefully matched with students based on educational needs and preferences, using our proprietary “Z! Tutor Match” system. Many of our San Francisco, California tutors are certified teachers, and all have successfully met our stringent qualification requirements. Also, our tutors are thoroughly screened, and background checked before hiring. With our “Z! Guarantee” you get the right tutor every time, guaranteed! Our talented tutors will help your student in San Francisco, California get the grades he or she deserves at an affordable price. With options ranging from hour by hour tutoring to bundled hour packages, you control the frequency of tutoring to meet your child’s needs perfectly. Our proven programs help build self-confidence, and lead to better grades in the classroom and higher test scores on the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests. Fill out the form or select your own San Francisco, California tutor today!

  • San Francisco, California

    4.7 (21)

    Jessica C.

    Logic, ACT English, ACT Reading, Writing, SAT Writing, Common Core, Elementary (k-6th), Study Skills

  • San Francisco, California

    4.8 (21)

    Bernard R.

    Science, Actuarial Science, Anatomy, Adobe Flash

  • San Francisco, California

    4.3 (34)

    Phil L.

    English, Test Preparation, Algebra 1, ACT Math, ACT Reading, Common Core, Elementary Math

  • San Francisco, California

    4.6 (21)

    Jessie P.

    Math, ACT Math, Actuarial Science, SAT Writing, SAT Math

  • San Francisco, California

    4.7 (22)

    Peter J.

    ACT Reading, English, Grammar, American History, Art History

  • San Francisco, California

    4.8 (33)

    Ali P.

    ACT Reading, ACT English, Common Core, American History

  • San Francisco, California

    4.5 (31)

    George J.

    Algebra 1, Probability, SAT Math, PSAT, Psychology, SAT Writing, TOEFL, USCIS, Elementary Math, ADHD, GIS, Graphic Design, HTML

  • San Francisco, California

    4.8 (21)

    Francis R.

    ACT Math, ACT Science, ACT English, ACT Science

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Club Z!Testimonials

  • With the tutoring tips and strategies I learned through the Club Z! Ivy SAT Program, my SAT scores raised 240 points. I did not think it was possible. Thank you Club Z!

    Thank you Club Z!

    William L, FL

  • My daughter began Geometry Tutoring with a D. Within one month her grade was a B. The tutor was a perfect match for my daughter.

    My daughter loved Club Z!

    Austin Broiler

  • I was shocked when I saw my score increase 6 points! I really struggled in the math section but my tutor Matt taught me how to use shortcuts to improve in the math section. Thanks to the Club Z! Ivy Program, I was able to go into the ACT with con dence.

    Thank you Club Z!

    Mary, WA

  • I'm so glad I found Club Z. My son was miserable at school, he started middle school this year, and it was hard for him, failing and with really bad grades. Mrs Pam takes the time to get to know your kid first in order to find exactly what you need. Long story short, the next report card my kid brought home only A's and B's. Mr Rowsey is sooooo patience with my kid, he takes the time to explain as many times is necessary to make sure he understands. Thank you Club Z, today I can say my boy is confident of himself.

    Thank you Club Z!

    Bret Guilinkski

    TOP TUTORS IN San Francisco, California
    Why We Help Students in San Francisco, California Succeed

    San Francisco, also known as the City by the Bay, has some of the most competitive school districts in the nation. With a population over 8 million across the entire Bay Area, the County of San Francisco has gained a reputation for its diversity, technology businesses and beautiful views.

    The larger Bay Area is home to several famous cities with top-rated schools like Oakland, San Jose and Berkeley. School admissions here are highly competitive. Attending school in your desired neighborhood is difficult without exceptional grades and test scores. Tutoring can make all the difference in attending the school of your choice and helping a student stand out.

    Popular area schools like Lowell High School, Abraham Lincoln High School and Stanford Online High School require high scores on standardized tests like the ISEE and SSAT for admission. These high schools are often funnels to famous area colleges such as Stanford, University of California- Berkeley and San Jose State, which rank among the top schools in the nation.

    San Francisco is also home to world-famous landmarks that can develop well-rounded students. The Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf and Alcatraz Island are great places to enrich young minds. The Fisherman's Wharf has jaw-dropping views of the Golden Gate Bridge and is home to Ghirardelli Square, where the famous chocolate factory began in 1852. The Bay's deep cultural history is also alive and present at places like the Rosicrucian Museum and the Legion of Honor art museum. The Rosicrucian Museum has an impressive collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts, including mummies and Egyptian revival architecture.

    There are endless activities available in the Bay Area. There's outdoor hiking around Presidio, a picnic day at Golden Gate Park, sailing and surfing at one of the many beaches, and bicycle and flight tours around the Bay. Students can experience the ecology of San Francisco with a visit to the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, Glen Canyon Park and Angel Island State Park. The Botanical Gardens are an exceptional visit with over 8,500 varieties of plans from around the world, including rare collections of magnolias and cloud forest plants.

    The Bay Area's magic touch also translates to their local sports franchises, which are also among the top in the nation. From the Golden State Warriors of the NBA, the NFL's Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers, to the Oakland A's in the MLB, the County of San Francisco has an array of historic teams.
    With so much to do in the San Francisco area, it can be hard to maintain focus. Club-Z! Tutoring will keep students on the right track with online or in-home tutoring with one-on-one, private instruction and test preparation.

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