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Club Z! offers highly qualified, experienced tutors in Washington, District Of Columbia to meet all of your tutoring and test preparation needs. Whether your child is struggling with math subjects such as algebra, geometry, and calculus or science subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics, our experienced tutoring staff will help your child achieve their academic goals. On average students that are enrolled in Club Z! tutoring increase their grades by two full letters in as little as 60 days! Students that receive test preparation for the SAT see their scores increase by over 160 points and students that receive test preparation for the ACT see their score increase by four cumulative points. Our Washington,District Of Columbia tutors work with students one-on-one in-home and online and can provide everything from homework help and test preparation, to building lifelong study skills or even learning a new language. Our online tutoring is offered on Club Z!’s proprietary platform. Our online platform is a two-way video chat where both student and tutor can interact in real time the same as they would with an in-home session. Your student and their tutor have access to our interactive whiteboard where they can work on problems together live.

Club Z! Tutoring has been an industry leading tutoring company for more than 20 years and provides your student in Washington, District Of Columbia with nothing but the most certified tutors and a personalized tutoring program tailored to your student’s specific academic needs. Our Washington, District Of Columbia tutors are experts in their subject area and are carefully matched with students based on educational needs and preferences, using our proprietary “Z! Tutor Match” system. Many of our Washington, District Of Columbia tutors are certified teachers, and all have successfully met our stringent qualification requirements. Also, our tutors are thoroughly screened, and background checked before hiring. With our “Z! Guarantee” you get the right tutor every time, guaranteed! Our talented tutors will help your student in Washington, District Of Columbia get the grades he or she deserves at an affordable price. With options ranging from hour by hour tutoring to bundled hour packages, you control the frequency of tutoring to meet your child’s needs perfectly. Our proven programs help build self-confidence, and lead to better grades in the classroom and higher test scores on the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests. Fill out the form or select your own Washington, District Of Columbia tutor today!

  • Washington, District Of Columbia

    4.8 (14)

    Jordan C.

    Math, ACT Math, ACT Science, ACT English

  • Washington, District Of Columbia

    4.7 (22)

    Peter J.

    ACT Reading, English, Grammar, American History, Art History

  • Washington, District Of Columbia

    4.5 (11)

    William L.

    Math, ACT Math, ACT Science, ACT English, ACT English

  • Washington, District Of Columbia

    4.8 (21)

    Bernard R.

    Science, Actuarial Science, Anatomy, Adobe Flash

  • Washington, District Of Columbia

    4.7 (21)

    Jessica C.

    Logic, ACT English, ACT Reading, Writing, SAT Writing, Common Core, Elementary (k-6th), Study Skills

  • Washington, District Of Columbia

    4.6 (21)

    Jessie P.

    Math, ACT Math, Actuarial Science, SAT Writing, SAT Math

  • Washington, District Of Columbia

    4.8 (33)

    Ali P.

    ACT Reading, ACT English, Common Core, American History

  • Washington, District Of Columbia

    4.3 (34)

    Phil L.

    English, Test Preparation, Algebra 1, ACT Math, ACT Reading, Common Core, Elementary Math

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Club Z!Testimonials

  • I first used Club Z tutoring in high school to help me prep for my SATs. My score improved significantly in the math, reading, and writing sections! My tutor was dynamic and found unique ways to help me within the tutoring session and on my own. As a result, I got a great score on my SAT and got into one of the top colleges in America!

    Thank you Club Z!

    Meriah Weiss

  • I'm a mother of four ages 6-14. This tutoring company has been amazing for my children. The one on one attention is great and the tutors really care about not only making sure my children get the educational aspect of the tutoring but they also try to see what how my children learn so they can get the most out of the tutoring.

    Thank you Club Z!

    Demetria Coleman

  • Company provided lots of materials and text to assist with test taking and time management skills for students. The also provided tutors with students .

    Thank you Club Z!

    Brandon T

  • I have really enjoyed working for Club Z! I am a certified teacher and a new mom and it fits my schedule perfectly, because I get to choose the times I want to work and the students that fit me the best. I have been working for Club Z! for 5 months and have met many awesome families and love my students. This is an especially great job if you are a teacher unable to find work in a public school, but don't want to work at a daycare, etc.

    I have really enjoyed working for Club Z!

    Shannon Hutchinson

    TOP TUTORS IN Washington, District Of Columbia
    Why We Help Students in Washington, District Of Columbia Succeed

    Washington, D.C. - it’s the capital of the United States, home to the federal government and the highest office in the land. Amongst all the history made along its storied streets from presidents and lawmakers past, a booming population of 6.1 million - including families, entrepreneurs and future leaders of America - call Washington, D.C. home.

    The greater Washington, D.C. metro area includes cities such as Arlington, Alexandria, Rockville and Bethesda. The area’s largest school district is District of Columbia Public Schools, which serves over 48,000 students across 111 schools. The top rated public schools include The School Without Walls, Woodrow Wilson High and Benjamin Banneker Academic High. Charter schools are also a popular option in D.C., with DC Public Charter Schools serving 39,000 students in 115 schools. Some of the area’s top rated schools are charter schools such as Washington Latin, BASIS DC and Thurgood Marshall Academy.

    These schools are rated with top marks for their rigorous academics and competitive admissions standards. They are difficult to get into because they often provide students with excellent opportunities to entering their dream colleges. Standing out on an application to these schools requires outstanding grades and test scores on standardized tests such as the DC-CAS, ACT and SAT. With a tutoring plan from Club-Z! students can expertly prepare and succeed through any academic challenge. So whether your student has always wanted to join Jack the Bulldog in Georgetown, or maybe they’re more of a Howard University Bison, Club-Z! is committed to seeing their dreams come true.

    Washington, D.C. is an exceptional place for many reasons, but a not-so-obvious reason is that it’s also a place where young minds can develop a well-rounded sense of history, culture and wonder for the world around them. Most of the major attractions, such as the Smithsonian, National Gallery of Art, national memorials (including the Jefferson, Lincoln, National Monument), the White House, Capitol Building and the Supreme court are all free to visit. The sheer number of embassies from around the world also attract a melting pot of cultures, and popular festivals like the Turkish Festival, National Cherry Blossom Festival, Francophie Festival and the Smithsonian Folklife Festival highlight the diverse nature of D.C.’s demographics. The city has also adopted many bike-friendly initiatives that make area parks a pleasure to stroll through. From the National Mall, Rock Creek Park, East Potomac Park and George Washington Memorial Parkway there’s no shortage of historic sites to explore.

    D.C. residents love their sports teams, and with major league teams such as the Washington Redskins of the NFL, the Capitals of the NHL, the Wizards of the NBA, the Nationals of the MLB and D.C. United of MLS there’s something for every kind of sports fan.

    With so much to do, so much history and the federal government right next door, the development of young minds can venture into innumerable areas in Washington D.C. Keep your student focused and their eye on the prize (coveted college admissions) with Club-Z! tutors. We will work extensively to greatly improve your student’s letter grades and test scores with one-on-one, private instruction. Call us to get started today!

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