Monica W.

Age: 44  Gender: Female

(Math, English, Languages)

Cardington, Ohio 43315
  34 hours
5.0 (2)

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Experienced tutor specializing in Spanish

Hi, I'm Monica. I have a lot of experience with school and studying. I have Bachelor's degrees in psychology, Spanish, and Speech & Hearing Science. I also have a Master's degree in Speech & Language Pathology. I share that to demonstrate that I really know what it takes to learn and do well in classes at various levels

I have been tutoring since 1994, first while I was in college myself, then on and off after graduating. I pride myself on helping students raise their grades an average of two letter grades. I accomplish this by really getting to know the student and what they like and how they think. I use this information with my natural ability to help others understand difficult information to help the student understand the subject better.

I feel very rewarded when a student starts to understand something that was hard for them before tutoring. I enjoy helping others reach their academic potential and find confidence in their abilities while doing so.

I have a deep love of language, culture, and English. These all work together to help me understand the ELL and in turn, help them to understand American language and culture.

As mentioned, I love language and culture. This extends to Spanish. I loved the sound of the language before I ever studied it, which is what drew me to learn it. I love everything about it from the sounds to the grammar to the quirks. I seem to have a natural ability to transfer this information to students. This helps them excel in the subject.

Contact me and give me the chance to help you be your best student. I will not disappoint. My friendly, outgoing demeanor will also help to put you at ease.


A.B. Or B.A. - Bachelor Of Arts
Kent State University
Major: Spanish
Grade Point Average (GPA): 3.7

Algebra 1 and Prealgebra
It wasn't until college that I really understood how this all worked, so I had to work hard to get it. Due to that, I am better at explaining it than someone who didn't have to work at it at all.
Grammar and Proofreading
I LOVE English grammar and punctuation is part of that. Because I love it so much, I've delved into it pretty deeply and can help others understand it better.
The 2nd of my 4 degrees is in Spanish, I used it at several jobs on a daily basis, and I love language. I have been able to help past students raise their grade by two letters usually.
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