Emily M.

Age: 31  Gender: Female

(Math, Science, English, Test Preparation, Elementary Education)

Hubbard, Ohio 44425

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Tutor for Elementary and Middle School Subjects

Hi! My name is Emily and I would like to help you or your child learn new and interesting information, do better in school, or cut through homework frustration. I have a Bachelor's degree in journalism (radio and TV production) and a Master's in Child Development. I'm currently working on my doctorate and have not forgotten how frustrating homework can be. When not tutoring or studying, I like to draw, do puzzles, and lead some exciting activities at my local Girl Scout camp. I'm looking forward to working with you. Let's do this! :)


M.S. - Master Of Science
Marshall University
Major: Developmental Psychology
Grade Point Average (GPA): 3.9

Common Core, Discrete Math and Elementary Math
Before switching to psychology, I took and aced a college-level elementary education course on how to teach K-8 math.
I took Discrete Math in high school. I know taking a class does not automatically qualify a person as a tutor, but DM is not a required course in most schools, so familiarity is a benefit. I did well in the class and can help with a variety of Discrete Math subjects.
Elementary Science and Psychology
I have a Masters in Psychology and have worked with elementary and middle school students in science-related experiences and activities.
Grammar, Reading, SAT reading and Vocabulary
I have a journalism degree and have worked in fields requiring strong written communication skills. I earned a 700 SAT reading score myself and am very familiar with standardized testing in general.
Spelling has always been my best subject. I know some fun spelling tricks and games and ways to help students learn to spell better.
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