Florangel R.

Age: 19  Gender: Female

(Math, Test Preparation, Elementary Education)

Springfield, Missouri 65806

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Growing Confidence through Learning

Hello! My name is Florangel Ramirez. I love learning and I hope to be able to share my love for learning with any students I interact with. I have been an A+ tutor for kindergarten and eighth-graders helping in subjects from reading comprehension to social studies. I currently work as a program staff member for the YMCA School-Age services in Springfield Public Schools, so I have had a lot of experience helping elementary students with homework. At Missouri State University, I study Psychology, a subject I absolutely love, but more importantly, it gives me a foundation for being able to help students learn more efficiently using psychologically backed study methods.


B.S. Or S.B. - Bachelor Of Science
Missouri State University
Major: Psychology
Grade Point Average (GPA): 3.4

Hourly Rate:
General Tutoring Cost $55.00
Test Preparation Cost $65.00
Tutor's Lessons: Online
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Algebra 1, Discrete Math, Elementary Math and Precalculus
I have been the student to struggle with math before. Through high school, my grades in math were generally B minuses and C pluses. As I approached math in college, I was able to develop a new strategy for learning mathematics and now I have gotten A's in my last three college math classes (College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Discrete Math.). Since I have been the student that struggles with math, I understand mental barriers one needs to overcome to be able to fully comprehend mathematics.
ACT Reading
I am able to tutor for the ACT reading section because first, I have the knowledge of what it takes to do well (I got a 35 on the reading section). Second, because I have tutored someone in the reading section for the ACT before and they went from scoring a 12 to a 20 after 2 months of preparation.
Common Core, Elementary (k-6th), Elementary Math, Spelling and Study Skills
I have worked with elementary students a lot with the job that I have now. In the YMCA Prime Time program, we have homework time during the after-school portion. I love getting to help the students and it has been one of the highlights of my job. Also, I did a year of A+ tutoring with kindergarten and eight-graders my senior year. I tutored students for reading comprehension, writing, and social studies.
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