Cheryl R.

Age: 49  Gender: Female

(Math, Science, English, Elementary Education, History, Computer)

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23860

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Tutor for all Ages with more than 15 plus years of experience.

I'm very Diversified, Multicultural, and, possess astute values with a healthy morael with respect for all mankind. I have years of teaching multiple populations,to include: K-12, college students, GED adults, and military personnel.

I have taught a variety of subjects to include: Math, Science, Social Studies forward slash government, English, phonics, Act, SAT, GED, home economics, also military ASVAB testing.


A.B. Or B.A. - Bachelor Of Arts
Centura Community College
Major: Associates Degree Clinical Medical Assisting
Grade Point Average (GPA): 3.7

ACT Math, Algebra 1, Econometrics, Elementary Math, GED, Geometry, Prealgebra, Probability and SAT Math
I have successfully tutor students with all these subjects that I checked above. I taught majority of those subjects when I was working with Virginia Beach city public schools as a homebound teacher and substitute teacher.
I have taught psychology as well as sociology, social work, physical science as well as Earth science. I taught these subjects when I work for Virginia Beach city public schools as a homebound teacher and a substitute teacher.
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